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Flenstech GmbH

Clean Air for People and Machines

We develop and offer our customers individual point extraction and filter solutions for the protection of harmful emissions of Nox and ozone which are generated e.g. during plasma and corona discharges.

FlensTech develops systems for the extraction of nitrogen oxides NOx and ozone in plasma and corona discharges, based on decades of experience in plastics manufacturing and mechanical engineering. We also sell 3D printers for industrial applications and offer not only hardware but also filaments, spare parts, accessories, consulting and repairs.

All our own products have been tested and CE-marked by FlensTech according to the Machinery Directive. Our technical center, showroom, warehouse and workshop is located in Handewitt near Flensburg. Here we have 600 modern m2 at our disposal. We deliver and offer on-site service all over Europe. FlensTech mainly supplies registered companies and educational institutions.

FlensTech is a sister company of Tantec Vertrieb GmbH.

We are well connected and cooperate with several Fraunhofer Institutes, universities and the Kunststoffinstitut Lüdenscheid. 

FlensTech offers targeted extraction solutions for NOx as well as activated carbon filters for ozone, particulate matter, smoke and gases that are generated by fusion and molecular changes on plastic surfaces, among other things. We design and manufacture task-specific extraction funnels and offer process-oriented system solutions for capturing emissions directly at the point of origin. Including blowers, extraction nozzles, filter cassettes, hoses and mounting fittings. 

3D printing helps companies accelerate product development and produce conceptual models and/or functional prototypes faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

Manufacturers and businesses now have a cost-effective alternative for producing low-volume, short-run plastic parts. Companies can implement 3D printers in a production role, with lower upfront costs and shorter lead times.

With industrial 3D printers, companies and their manufacturing teams can create tools to improve production and assembly steps quickly and cost-effectively. Streamline your production process and improve quality with 3D printed fixtures and tooling.