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Ozonfilter mit Aktivkohle
Aktivkohlefilter im FlensAir3FlensAir-3 backAktivkohlefilterFlensAir-3 panel

FlensAir-3 AK | efficient ozone filtration

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The smoke and gas filter type FlensAir-3 AK is the ideal filter solution when it comes to removing process gases such as ozone. The air containing pollutants is captured at the point of origin and converted above the activated carbon. The purified air can be returned to the work area.
The smoke and gas filter type FlensAir-3 AK is made of robust, painted sheet steel. A quiet continuous turbine makes the FlensAir-3 the ideal solution when ozone needs to be filtered. After filtration, the exhaust air can be returned to the work area or discharged to the outside. A digital control panel allows the system status to be read and adjusted at any time. A 10-stage power regulation minimizes energy costs and reduces noise. The activated carbon filter used has a replaceable frame and can therefore be easily reprocessed and reused.
Technical data:
Motor: 1Ph., 220V, 50Hz, 
power: 0,45 kW, 
Connections: 1 x 90 mm, 
Adjustable: 10 power levels, 
volume flow: 700 m³/h, 
Noise level: < 65 dB(A), 
Dimensions: H/W/D 885x550x440 mm

Filter equipment in exchangeable frame:
Filter stage 1: Pre-filter mat for coarse dust
Filter stage 2: 14 kg quality activated carbon

Suitable for emissions generated by plasma/ and corona pretreatment.
For other applications and special solutions, please contact us to ensure safe filtering and discharge.
It should be ensured by measurement that no ozone residues are released into the room air after filtering.
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